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Sportswriting sucks. [10 Nov 2007|07:15pm]
Why me, of all people? Why was I the one assigned to the Cavs' player profile article for my school newspaper?

I wasn't even sure if they were a NBA team for crying out loud.
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There are some songs you shouldn't listen to while reading The Scarlet Letter. [14 Aug 2007|07:47pm]
And the Hamsterdance is probably one of them.
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HALP! [13 Aug 2007|08:26pm]
Yeah, this header thing isn't working out very well. Except I can't figure out why.

Please tell me someone does.

Edit: Score! :D :D :D :D
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Shield your eyes. >_> [13 Aug 2007|07:41pm]
I'm changing around the layout because I'm bloody sick of the whole red and black colour theme. As it looks stupid.

As such, it's going to look extremely bad here until I can figure things out. Cheers.
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... Wow. [06 Aug 2007|01:46am]
(I'll get the recap of DC up in a few days I think, I'm feeling lazy-ish)

I just got up at 9 PM...

Gotta be some kind of record. But anyway.

I spent the entire night (actually from 2 PM to... 5 AM?) helping at an aide station for a 100 mile race, which was pretty insane. Good times though. For a while, it was one person a half hour or so until about midnight, when we started getting packs of six people at once. And my phone completely ran out of batteries. Also, we brought a portable stove to heat soup for the runners on aaaand it caught on fire.
Three times.

I wish I'd gotten a picture.
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T-minus... 10 hours? [20 Jul 2007|10:33pm]
Well, let's hope DC isn't too wacky.

Here I gooooo!
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Eh, what the hey. (Tagged by Syn) [19 Jul 2007|01:20am]
Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog,you need to choose 2 people to get tagged & list their names.

1. Every time I walk into my room, I take all the clothes out of my closet, do a cursory check for creepy people/stalkers/serial killers/etc inside it, and then put my clothes back in. Does this mean I'm getting more paranoid?
Do I care? Not really.

2. I have ten portraits of random people that don't actually exist tacked up onto the walls. I randomly drew them on a kick in about May. And I hope I never meet anyone that resembles them. Because that would creep me out.

3. I once declared that I loved the water at my house because it was 'crunchy'. I really hope I was three or so at the time.

It is tasty, though.

4. Every time I buy nail polish with the intention of actually using it for its intended purpose, it ends up on the following: note cards, as abstract art, on bottle caps, on paper cups, decorating odd Popsicle sticks, my hands (drawing faces mostly), my nose (don't ask), nail clippers, X-acto knives, forks, and the occasional bag of popcorn.

It does not end up on the following: nails (of any variety).

5. I am completely addicted to lolcats.

6. I tend to compulsively make new journals. In fact, I'm considering scrapping this one. Why? No idea. I just kind of feel like it. Maybe it's lost its shiny.

7. I still have my AARP membership letter up on my wall. I might have it framed. It's not exactly something that you get every day.
And I would probably find it depressing if I hadn't gotten it when I was 13. On the bright side, at least I'm not getting mail about planning my funeral like my mom is.

And I can't think of anyone to tag. Whatever.
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And the countdown begins... [19 Jul 2007|01:17am]
[ mood | paranoid ]

I leave for DC on Saturday... alone. And I have to pretend to be 18 because my mom said on my ticket that I'm an adult (so we can avoid the extra charge for unaccompanied minors).
Hopefully, I can pull it off and they won't think I'm weird and suspicious or something. Last time I took a plane trip the security guard was joking around about how my picture on my temps was terrorist-esque. x.x

Which is not something one wants to hear from security guards.

But I've got all my "professional" clothes for it now, thank you Old Navy, and unless I get stuck in a room with an ultra-right-wing-conservative person, it should go alright. (But considering my luck...?)
Until they figure out that I have no idea what I'm actually talking about when it comes to politics.

... Should be fun!

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Dear Finals Week: I hate you. [03 Jun 2007|12:31am]
When I start spelling footprints as "footprings", I need to stop studying and go to bed.
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Ow. [27 May 2007|12:36am]
Yay! My brain feels like it's spontaneously combusting!

I ♥ having these every time the barometric pressure is too low! Such fun.

... Le sigh
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Driving=serious business! [19 May 2007|08:43pm]
I actually went on proper roads with my magical driving practice today. As in 55 mile an hour crazy twisty roads.

It was pretty much hella awesome. Except the part where I accidentally wound up on the highway and nearly gave myself a heart attack.

... Maybe I should amend the above the above bit. Crazy twisty roads with almost no traffic.
Unlike said heart-attack-inducing highway.

But there was someone who stayed right behind me for a good three miles. Because he couldn't pass. And then nearly hit several people.

So people who pull crap like that pretty much piss me off. Especially if there's no apparent reason for it. I mean, come on. Saturday afternoon, rainy day? What's the hurry, people?

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Whoooo! [06 May 2007|01:38pm]
I'm fucking going to New York City the day school gets out!

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Well, I definitely don't miss that. [26 Apr 2007|06:58pm]
So, I went to this NOSPA thing, which I have no idea what it stands for, but it's basically a giant high school newspaper and yearbook convention. Yesterday.

And they had awards at the end, of course. And guess what group I ended up getting stuck in front of, to the side of, and behind, thanks to a lack of seats?

Yup. Wadsworth.

... Yearbook appears to be full of shitbags, if they're a representative sample.
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This is your brain on coffee. Wheeeeeee.... [09 Apr 2007|10:58am]
[ mood | hyper ]

So, I didn't really get sleep, but I did get coffee, which is all good since I'm on spring break this week so I don't really need to worry about getting sleep so I'm basically browsing the web and making icons (so far I've made a dozen today, which isn't bad considering it's only eleven or so!) and checking my myspace/LJ/GJ/Xanga/Facebook/goodnessknowswhatelse and on that note, I have way too many of those. I also watch too much TV on closer observation, but that's a matter for another time.

So! How is life?

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Talk about a weird two days. [22 Mar 2007|07:45pm]
Starting with when I checked the news online yesterday and saw that a classmate of mine's mother was apparently getting out of jail- she'd been in for murder but there wasn't enough evidence to hold her. And then proceeded to find out way, way more about the family than I'd intended to.

And then proceeding to the blackout the school had this morning.

Oh, and my mother apparently having sex talks with her other theology classes. Which is more than just a little awkward.
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It's late enough that I'm getting philosophical. [10 Feb 2007|01:40am]
Listening to music I remixed myself is bizzarely intimate, for some reason, because I can't listen to it without dissecting it into the little parts I made it from.

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Holy shit! [08 Feb 2007|06:26pm]
The preview for the episode of Shark on today is about a celebrity (a blonde female celebrity, to be specific) being murdered.

And Anna Nicole Smith dropped dead today.

Talk about a creepy coincidence...
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Global warming. Oh yes. Right. Riiiight. [06 Feb 2007|01:13am]
[ mood | cold ]

It is not seriously -3 degrees out. Without windchill. I refuse to believe it.

Where's the global warming when you need it?!

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[21 Jan 2007|08:31pm]
I've been sick for a week and I am so not ready to face the makeup work that I'm pretty much doomed to have tomorrow...

In a perfect world, tomorrow will be a snow day.

*crosses fingers*
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The Continuing Saga of "Carol" [13 Jan 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | confused ]

About three weeks ago, I got a call in the middle of French- a dentist's office calling for someone named 'Carol'. I figured, eh. Wrong number.

And then they called again, this time in Western Society. And left a voicemail. This time, I called them back, telling them that a. I wasn't Carol and b. to take the number off their records.
So they did.

Two weeks later, I got a voicemail from someone looking for Carol, who was from 'the marketing department' and wanted to hear her opinion.

Today, someone called asking if Carol was there. "Nope." "Is this her cellphone?" "No, you have the wrong number."

I seriously don't get this. But. Question for all you sleuths! Where's a 707 area code?

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