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And the countdown begins...

I leave for DC on Saturday... alone. And I have to pretend to be 18 because my mom said on my ticket that I'm an adult (so we can avoid the extra charge for unaccompanied minors).
Hopefully, I can pull it off and they won't think I'm weird and suspicious or something. Last time I took a plane trip the security guard was joking around about how my picture on my temps was terrorist-esque. x.x

Which is not something one wants to hear from security guards.

But I've got all my "professional" clothes for it now, thank you Old Navy, and unless I get stuck in a room with an ultra-right-wing-conservative person, it should go alright. (But considering my luck...?)
Until they figure out that I have no idea what I'm actually talking about when it comes to politics.

... Should be fun!
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