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desolation yes hesitation no

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Formerly known as
and kuri_asahi.
Just call me Raish; everyone seems to.

Stamped as Seishirou at x_rating (as kuri_asahi)

Moderator of power_ofthe_pen which is kind of dead. Oh well.

Writing at Mementomori
Art at Spring and Summer
Icons at iconfuse

[Layout song is Age of Innocence by the Smashing Pumpkins.]

Contents may be more mentally disturbed than they appear.

300, 70s, 80s, 90s, adam and the ants, alien sex fiend, anime, arrogant worms, asatru, bad religion, bauhaus, blind melon, bon jovi, breach, caffeine, chobits, chrono cross, chrono trigger, clamp, classic rock, clover, cold case, commander keen, craig ferguson, criminal minds, criminology, csi, csi:ny, david bowie, ddr, dead kennedys, death note, depeche mode, diablo 2, discworld, donnie darko, doujinshi, drawing, drawing blood, eddie izzard, electric guitar, exquisite corpse, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, firefly, forensics, fracture, franz ferdinand, fullmetal alchemist, funeral for a friend, garbage, glam rock, gravitation, guitar, harry potter, hogfather, house, icons, incubus, industrial, interview with a vampire, jazz jackrabbit, joy division, jpop, katamari damacy, kidneythieves, labyrinth, law and order svu, legal drug, loki, lolcats, lost souls, lostprophets, loveless, manga, massive attack, mono, monty python, movies, murder mysteries, music, music videos, my chemical romance, ncis, neurology, new wave, nick cave, nine inch nails, numb3rs, photography, photoshop, pink floyd, poe, porcelain and the tramps, queen, queen of the damned, raines, ramen, red dwarf, red hot chili peppers, rg veda, rock, seishirou/subaru, self-piercing, serenity, serial killers, sex pistols, sham 69, silence of the lambs, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skyroads, slash, slc punk, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snakes on a plane, spiders, strawberry switchblade, sukisyo, terry pratchett, the academy is, the birthday massacre, the blackout, the breakfast club, the clash, the cranberries, the cure, the eurythmics, the far side, the police, the princess bride, the ramones, the rolling stones, they might be giants, thief of time, this is spinal tap, thrift stores, tokyo babylon, vampires, weird al, wish, without a trace, writing, x, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri